Equestrian Giant

With a magnificent equestrian structure, China is one of the highest growing countries that most investing in this segment.

Approximately an hour and a short drive from Shanghai, in Jiangyin province, is a fantastic equestrian complex, comprising the “Horse Culture Museum, the Heilan Equestrian Center, and luxury Resort hotels.

The impressive “Horse Culture Museum”, an 8,700 m2 building with four floors dedicated to the horse:

• Underground: dedicated to showing how the horse was immortalized by art through sculptures and paintings. There is also a display of the carriages used in the past (beautiful, with an internal silk finishing). To access this floor you need to buy a ticket at the entrance.

• Ground floor: where live horses representing approximately 50 countries and regions of the world are located, so that the public is familiarized with the different breeds. The visitation to this floor occurs daily from 9:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00 and it is free!.

• Second Floor: dedicated to showing the history of the horse and its connection with civilizations, through art and 4D films.

• The third floor tells the story of the Heilan Group, founder of this entire complex.

Carriage with silk interior
Giant sculpture that changes color to the sound of Vivaldi
Bronze and marble are basic materials here!
Marble stalls at the Horse Culture Museum
Horse Culture Museum entrance.

The Performance Center is an exclusive venue for dressage shows, with fantastic crystal paintings and chandeliers! When I was there visiting, the show only took place on Saturday night. Fortunately I was able to attend that same day, as I didn’t get any information about the show researching in Brazil, only when I got there.

In 2015, with 60 horses at the same time: 30 black and 30 gray, this performance entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest dressage show in the world.

Performance center: Entrance
Dryers: the air comes from above and from the sides! There are more than 30 showers equipped like this!

Heilan Equestrian Center: it is an equestrian club of approximately 400 sport animals that counts as the largest and most luxurious venue for dressage shows in the world, indoor tracks, swimming pools for horses, ramp walkers, etc. I had never seen 5 covered dressage arenas, side by side. There is also 32 heated showers, all equipped with dryers!

Horse Bridge
Restaurant with the view to the dressage arenas

The Hotel Taoyuan Resort, where the refinement and decoration of horses go together, has a show of waters and lights, which can be seen from the bedroom window every night around 7 pm.

It is a show of structure and professionalism, in this country that has admired horses since the most remote times.