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If you are interested in organizing our courses (in English)  in your country, contact us, the courses available are:

The airline tickets, lodging and travel expenses are arranged before the course, please contact Dr. Solange Mikail about the fee for each course.


What the people say?

I can highly recommend Solange Mikail's VKT training courses. She is at the forefront of equine physiotherapy and VKT. Her VKT courses are backed up with plenty of theory and knowledge, as well as being well explained and fun.

Sue Connolly - AHPR MFR practitioner

I can highly recommend Solange's Mikail's course's she's highly specialized in rehabilitation and physical therapy, joining practice with evidence base. I was fortunate to have training with her when I started using Thermography and it made all the difference!

João Paulo Marques - Equidesporto (Portugal)

I had the chance to take one day Thermography Course in the French Riding School of Saumur, with Solange Mikail. It was a wonderful day! She is an excellent pedagogue who has given us a very rich knowledge on the subject and lots of practical tips for using thermography as often as possible as an equine veterinarian!

Isabelle Burgurd - Veterinary doctor at Le Cadre Noir - Saumur (France)