Rehabilitation Center


Located in Cotia (near São Paulo-SP). The Espaço Equus is an Equine Rehabilitation center with the most important modalities to speed the recovery of athlete horses. The goal is not only to treat the patients but to contribute in the field of equine physical therapy through research of new technologies as well.

We have a trainee program where we receive students interested in the theory + practice of equine rehabilitation. We have a lodge in the place where the trainees can stay to learn through lectures and to follow our practice routines.

The Practice Program can be booked for 15, 30 or 60 days.

In the Program the trainee will have some lectures (theory and practice), follow the routine of the cases, participate in the ongoing experiments, experience the diagnostic and follow up of the lesions and learn a lot of anatomy and biomechanics!

For further information on our Equine Physio Practical Program contact: