Consulting for an equestrian facility


Helping many customers around the world to set up their rehab facilities, we offer consulting services for farms and training centers, concerning the best modalities to invest according to the clients` goals.

It’s a very important way to train your staff to develop a healthy routine for your equine athletes and the correct way to approach lesions that may eventually occur in trainings or competitions. The goal is to prevent those lesions and to promote a faster recovery.

There are many equipments in the market and sometimes we see people investing too much in the wrong structure, accessories and devices. So, learning what is really important to invest can save you a lot of money, improve your cost/benefit and  implement a very efficient routine.

The goal of the consulting is to make the facility very efficient and at the same time, spend as less money as possible.

In essence, it’s a valuable training for your staff performed by Dr. Solange Mikail, who has dedicated more than 24 years in the field of equine rehabilitation to improve your facility.

Frequently in North America and in Europe, the visit can be booked directly from these places. 

What is included in the visit?